Research for SME's

This Guide to Market Research for SMEs takes a tour through the best ways for smaller organisations to conduct effective research.

Level the procurment playing field

Negotiation expert David Meikle gives insight into how to hold your value in the procurement process and build a more productive client/agency relationships.

Top Ten Tips for Buying Research and Insight

The top ten tips for buying research and insight provides a quick guide to procuring market research.

Best Practise Guide for Buying Research and Insight

The best guide for buying research and insight mpas out the best processes for procuring high-quality market research.

How to Buy a Gorilla

Devid Meikle shines a light on the common relationship flaws between marketers, procurement and agencies. For 40% off enter 'HTBAG40' at checkout.

Market Research Glossary

The following glossary has been reproduced from the book, Market Research: An Integrated Approach (2012) by Alan Wilson. This is in agreement with the book's author. For use of this information more widely, copyright permission must be sought by the user directly from the book's publisher.